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Feb 5, 2013 12:35am PST
where the boy kidnapped from a school bus is safe. a new picture of five-year-old ethan. >> i have been to the hospital. i have visited with ethan. he is doing fine. he's laughing, joking, playing, eating. the things that you would expect a normal five to six-year-old young man to do. >> reporter: the suspect, 65-year-old jimmy lee dykes is dead. abc news learned authorities inserted a camera into the bunker and monster his movements. they positioned the s.w.a.t. team near the entrance and used an explosives charge to get into the bunker and neutralize dykes. >> the fbi feared the child was in eminent danger and rescued the child. >> reporter: last tuesday he boarded a school bus and threatened the kids. >> he is threat tong kill us all or something. >> reporter: dykes allegedly shot and killed the bus driver and kidnapped ethan. >> just had a bus driver shot and possibly killed. >> reporter: after dykes grabbed him he headed to a bunker behind his house. >> he seemed like a weird person and i thought that is just the way he is. >> reporter: he was a decorated vietnam vet. he moved back
Feb 5, 2013 1:00am PST
-old ethan is safe tonight. we just got this photo to the left of him entering the hospital safe and sound, his armed captor, an alleged killer, is dead. jimmy lee dykes grabbed the boy from a school bus six days ago. after holding the boy in a bunker for nearly a week now, talking with authorities through a pvc pipe things began breaking down. today authorities went in saving the boy and killing jimmy lee dykes. we're waiting to hear from state, local and federal officials. we just learned that president obama has spoken with fbi director mueller to congratulate him on how the operation ended, how things went down. as we wait for that news conference, we are joined now by marty savage, who is live in midland city. what's the latest on how the little boy is doing? we know he did go to the hospital. >> reporter: right, susan, yes, we've been getting some updates on how he is. he's been taken now to what's a special wing or area that's been set aside inside that hospital. where he is with his family, and at the same time, can be checked out by doctors and they can assess how he's doing both
Feb 5, 2013 12:00pm EST
bunker where he held a 5- year-old boy named ethan captive for nearly a week. the f.b.i.'s hostage rescue team stormed into the bunker and rescued ethan monday afternoon. they set off flash grenades to confuse and distract dykes. then they shot and killed him. officials tell cbs news, the f.b.i. grew concerned with dykes' behavior, watching him through a camera that was inserted into the bunker during the standoff. john miller is a former f.b.i. distant director. >> cameras can be introduced through fiber optic lenses that can be drilled into a pin hole in the wall or introduced in other objects. there's a lot of reasons they don't go into the detail of that which these are techniques they may need to use the next time. >> reporter: ethan is reportedly okay and undergoing medical evaluations. the boy has a disorder similar to autism. he turns 6 tomorrow. school buses took students back to midland city elementary today for the first time since bus driver charles poland was killed and ethan was abducted. >> i'm just proud ethan is going to be able to come back to school. we're looking forwa
Feb 5, 2013 2:00am PST
is a dinosaur. little ethan's kidnaper is dead, 65-year-old jimmy lee dykes killed yesterday in the fbi raid that freed that little boy. victor blackwell, live from midland city, alabama this morning. i know you're very excited to be sharing this information, victor. what do we know about the raid and why law enforcement actually decided to go in? >> good morning, zoraida. two reasons primarily. the first is because authorities say they observed jimmy lee dykes with a gun and the second reason is because in the day leading up to that raid, the communications with dykes had broken down. so they realized they could not wait any longer to go in and rescue ethan. ethan is safe. this is a photograph of the 5-year-old being taken into a hospital after nearly a week being held in an underground bunker in alabama. >> he's fine. he's laughing, playing, joking, eating, the things you would expect a normal 5-year-old or 6-year-old young man to do. he's very brave, he's very lucky. the success story is that he is out safe and doing great. >> reporter: the dramatic end came after officers saw 65-year-old
Feb 5, 2013 4:00pm PST
of rescuing ethan. one day after the 5-year-old boy from alabama was freed from captivity, the fbi has released the first photos that show the site of the underground bunker where he was held for six days. now the area is tented and we will hold this up for a second, they think the site could be dangerous and still contain explosives. you can see that pipe in the prior picture. that pipe was actually the pipe they were using to communicate with jimmy lee dykes. these pictures are coming as we learn new details about the daring rescue operation. martin savidge is "outfront" with the story. >> reporter: for days, as the command center and a nearby church continued to grow, authorities remain in constant communication with jimmy lee dykes, speaking to him over a telephone in his bunker. a law enforcement source characterized dykes as contentious the entire time. despite that, dykes allowed authorities to deliver what were called comfort items through a hatch. >> he allowed us to provide coloring books, medication, toys. >> reporter: dykes was said to be caring for the boy, providing an el
Feb 2, 2013 12:35am PST
ethan trapped in an underground bunker with this man, 65-year-old jimmy lee dykes. >> it's an innocent kid, he's crying for his parent and grandparents and he does not know what's going on. let this kid go. >> reporter: today the bright yellow bus turned crime scene was towed away. >> the child is on the line with us and advising that the bus driver has been shot. >> reporter: the crisis began when dykes boarded the bus full of kids on tuesday. brother and sister who were on the bus said that dykes threatened to kill them. >> my older brother's friend told us to stay down, and i look up and he's talking about threatening to kill us all or something. he's like i'll call all of y'all. i just want two kids. and he started pointing at my brother and his friend. >> reporter: he then shot and killed charles poland, the bus driver who tried to intervene. >> just had a bus driver shot. >> reporter: police say dykes grabbed ethan, the kindergartener who kids say always liked to sit in the front row and headed to a bunker he built behind his house. >> he always seemed like a weird person. i alwa
Feb 2, 2013 6:00pm EST
to that little boy held hostage, 5-year-old ethan. >> he's also allowed us to providing color books, medication, toys. and i want to thank him for taking care of our child. >> reporter: it's unclear what kind of medication, but the boy reportedly has adhd and a form of autism. police don't think that dykes has physically harmed the boy. but we know that he has crying. there are near-freezing temperatures. last tuesday, it was like any other school day. little ethan was sitting in his favorite seat on the bus. >> i looked up. he was threatening to kill us. he said, i'll kill you all. >> reporter: she was on that bus and said that dykes walked in and gave the driver a note. before shooting him dead and then running off with ethan in his arms. one of dykes' neighbors said that his behavior was so bizarre in the weeks before the shooting that they should have told somebody. >> i regret not warning some of the neighbors of some of his tendencies. and telling them that he's the type of guy that you might need to stay away from. he could be dangerous in the future. >> reporter: meanwhile, ethan is a b
Feb 5, 2013 5:00am EST
.ed payne has the story. story..-&p3 5 year-old ethan is doinn unnerground bbnker innmidlandd & citt, allbaaa... where he was held for nearly a weeek."he's 3 eating..thiigs ttat you wwuldd -33expect a ,3 normal 5 tt 6-year-old young differenne from the ittation &between police and ethan's dragged on.thh f-b-i says 3 brrke down...and whee they saw - dykes with a ggn thhyyfeared when they enteree he bunker.a - neighhoo says he assoutsidee & at the time."i heard a big boom, aad then i heard,,i beliive i heard rifle shots.(rrporter: and give us a sense, how loud of a boom? i mmaa, very loud?)oh yeah. literally made me jump off the ground. ittscared me thht bad." officiils aveenot given detaiis on theeraid but say & dykes was shot dead.ethan wws taken to a local hospital where he was rrunited with his family.hhs uncce says ethan was kept attthe hossital overnight..investtgators will -3& continne o wook on tte crimm scenn for several more days buttfor ow they are rlievvd. "a lot of thhse men and women have sacriffced tireless 3 relief for us to be able t
Feb 5, 2013 9:00am EST
a lot. >> reporter: relief and hope this morning as 5-year-old ethan is recovering after being held hostage in an underground bunker. >> by the grace of god, he's okay. >> reporter: this hour, find out how the boy was saved from storming the bunker to reports of secret cameras, even the u.s. military was involved. >>> all right, we've lost lights. >> all right, we're going to a manual override. >> reporter: new reports the last-minute electrical upgrades caused that power outage during the super bowl. today we're on the ground pressing the city and the power company to tell us what happened. >> yeah, super bowl power outage during the middle of the super bowl in louisiana. don't worry, fema said they will be there no later than thursday. no later than -- >> reporter: trapped in a four-alarm fire, five firefighters barely escaping the blaze. the amazing story from baltimore this morning. >>> and scout's honor, the boy scouts, more than 3 million strong considering dropping its ban on gay members. >> after decades of being out of the closet, the boy scouts of america forced me back in
Feb 5, 2013 7:00am EST
was confirmed dead, though no details were given. the boy known only as ethan was described as physically unharmed and taken to a local hospital. ethan's ordeal began last tuesday when dykes boarded his school bus and demanded two boys between the ages of six and eight. the driver, chuck poland, blocked his path and was shot dead. dykes then grabbed ethan. the 65-year-old vietnam veteran was described by neighbors as an angry man.he patrolled his property with a gun. he was facing a court case for threatening neighbors. he was said by one to have beaten her dog to death. during the siege, negotiators kept talking to dykes. he allowed them to pass toys, food, and medicine through a ventilation pipe. ethan is said to have asperger syndrome.>> over the past 24 hours, our communications with the suspect had deteriorated. we were certainly concerned for the safety of the child. i can tell you that i have been to the hospital. i have visited with ethan. he is doing fine. he is laughing, joking, playing, eating -- things you would expect a normal five-year-old to six-year-old young man to do. >>
Feb 4, 2013 5:00pm PST
and that the gunman is dead. ethan is the 5-year-old, by the way. we should point out here that, as you said, law enforcement noted that there was a sense that things were breaking down, at least with that gunman. they said that dykes was apparently getting more and more irrational. they also saw him with a gun in a way that they thought was frightening to the little boy. they wasted no more time. they have had hostage rescue teams standing by around the clock, ready to move atty moment's notice. that notice was given. there was apparently an explosion. whether that was a distraction or the entry, they made their way in, there was gunfire, dykes was killed and the little boy was rescued. the pentagon was involved in some way here, leon panetta okaying the use of special equipment used for monitoring. that would have meant that military personnel were also on site but were not part of the takedown. it shows you that concern for this little boy went almost all the way to the top of this administratio administration. >> i know we don't know exact details of how this went down but authorities said th
Feb 5, 2013 2:35am EST
the underground bunker and rescued the child. he is okay. that little boy known only as ethan was taken to a nearby hospital where he was checked out. police say he appears to be just fine kidding aconsidering all ts been through. >> i have visited with ethan. he is doing fine. he is laughing, joking, playing, eating, and the things that you would expect a normal 5 to 6-year-old young man to do. >> a child's captor, jimmy lee dykes, is dead now. but investigators will not say whether he was killed or took his own life. the ordeal came to an end after the fbi sneaked a hidden camera into the underground bunker. lucky little guy. >>> a new twist in the sensational murder trial of the arizona woman who confessed to killing her on and off again boyfriend. >> she took the stand saying she acted in self defense and portrayed herself as a lifelong victim of abuse. abc's brandi hitt has the latest details, good morning, brandy. >> reporter: good morning. jody arias returns to the stand this morning. she admitted to killing her boyfriend. now jurors are expected to hear arias' explanation what h
Feb 2, 2013 4:00am PST
-old ethan against his will. communicating with the negotiators through the pipe >> i looked up and he's talking about threatening to kill us all or something. >> it all happened when dykes stormed on to this school bus and kidnapped the child. >> i just want two kids. >> 14-year-old and her 12-year-old brother were all on that bus. they said that dykes got on and gave the driver what appeared to be a gift of broccoli and a note and demanded two children. >> the bus driver kept saying, please get off the bus. so, he just tried to back up and he pulled out the gun and he just shot him. and he just took ethan. >> when all of this started, what were you thinking? >> i was shocked. like, i never thought that i would have to go through a shootout. >> reporter: they were able to escape. as dykes ran off carrying little ethan. that's when their mother got the call about the shooting. >> i grabbed all three of them at once. i started crying. >> reporter: the children had seen dykes before. constantly working on his fence. neighbors say that he was a survivalist and had been violent towards loc
Feb 2, 2013 5:30pm PST
with negotiators. letting them send things to that little boy held hostage, 5-year-old ethan. through a pipe leading to the underground bunker. >> he's also allowed us to provide coloring books, medication, toys. and i want to thank him for taking care of our child. that's very important. >> reporter: it's unclear what kind of medication, but the boy reportedly has adhd and a form of autism. police don't think that dykes has physically harmed the boy. but we know that he has been crying. the bunker has an electric heater. but below the surface, there are near-freezing temperatures. we have learned in a bizarre twist that dykes has questioned that a reporter be sent into the bunker to speak to him. last tuesday, it was just like any other school day. little ethan was sitting in his favorite seat in the front of the bus. >> i looked up. he was threatening to kill us all. he said, i'll kill you all. i'll kill you all. i just want two kids. >> reporter: she was on that bus and said that dykes walked in and gave the driver a note. before shooting him dead and then running off with ethan in his ar
Feb 2, 2013 5:05am EST
. no yo, vi algo así en un festival. ¡ah! ethan, no quiero que te esfuerces para impresionarme. sino estuviera impresionada no estaría aquí. bueno, ¿entonces qué quieres? busco inspiración en la vida. no trates de ser listo. dame algo desde adentro. esperen,¡alto! ¿qué estás haciendo? voy hacer un baile dedicado a las zapatillas de sammy. oh, buena idea. es un honor. chicos, pongan algo de música. ¿es necesario? hay que irnos. sí. muy bien, atrás atrás. ¡uuu! ¡eso es page! ♪ fui campeona de cinta en mi escuela. ¿en serio? ¡inténtalo! ¿de verás? ¡sí! ♪ ¡uuu! ¡vamos tara! ♪ oye, murciélago. ah, reservé el estudio hasta las diez. ya sé. vine a hablar contigo. ¿en serio? ¡ah! hola. hola. bueno... bueno, necesito una bailarina para mi prueba de coreografía. oh, alguien se lesionó. eso es terrible. no, nadie se lesionó la cree para ti. es un solo, sé que es mucho trabajo y poco tiempo. pero pensé... ¿crees que te interese? sí. digo...ah. creo que me interesa. ah, excelente. ¿en el estudio a las 10 a.m? sí. ¡wow! un solo. ¡ujum! quiere hacer al
Feb 5, 2013 4:00am PST
in alabama. little ethan back in the arms of his family this morning. >> his abductor, 65-year-old jimmy lee dykes is dead. killed in the raid that freed that little boy. they used secret cameras to watch dykes, noticed he was acting erratically and that time may had been running out. victor blackwell is live. what a relief for this family. victor, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, brooke. yes, not only for the family, but for the entire community. people across the country, even in other countries, were following this story, and commenting and praying that they were hoping ethan would be able to come home soon. two reasons why this happened when it did. first, we're told that communications with jimmy lee dykes broke down in the day leading up to the raid and the more important reason, they saw he had a gun and he had to go in when they did to save ethan. ethan is safe. this is a photograph of the 5-year-old being taken to a hospital after being held hostage for nearly a week in an underground bunker in midland city, alabama. >> he is doing fine. he's laughing, joking, playing, eatin
Feb 5, 2013 4:30am PST
for 7 days. ethan has been reunited with his family at a local hospital and is doing well. >> he is laughing, joking, playing, eating, the things that you would expect a normal 5-year-old young man to do. >> reporter: the suspect is dead. >> fbi agents fearing the child was in imminent danger entered the bunker and rescued the child. >> reporter: the news that ethan is safe and unharmed came as a relief to the community here in midland city. >> he's a special child, endured a lot. it's by the grace of god that he's okay. >> reporter: singletary was on the bus with ethan when dykes grabbed him. >> happy, relieved, and halleluia. >> reporter: it's believed dykes may have taken the boy hostage in order to air grievances. >> he has a story that's important to him although it's very complex. >> reporter: authorities have not yet revealed how dykes died nor any further details of the raid. teresa garcia, cbs news, midland city, alabama. >> that boy identified only as ethan will turn 6 tomorrow. >>> an iraq war vet suspected of killing a former nav
Feb 4, 2013 1:00pm PST
the child's mother would be able to talk to ethan, the kidnapped 5-year-old. [ inaudible ] >> thank you for your time. >> reporter: meanwhile, in ozark, the town next door to midland city where the tragedy began, school resumed for the first time. extra police were on hand to provide security this morning. while anxious parents found it difficult to let go. >> that safety net we thought, you know, you send your children on a school bus thinking that they're going to be safe, and then situations arise and happen and makes you restrategize. >> wolf, in the past couple of minutes, we have been receiving notifications from residents in the area. they say they heard gunfire and they also heard an explosion. let me push off and show you in the distance there on the hill. you'll be able to see -- i think if i get out of the way -- that there are what appear to be officers, armed officers up there. that's something we don't normally see. now, we've also heard that there may have been some sort of movement in regard to the man that's been holding this young boy hostage. unconfirmed reports say m
Feb 5, 2013 1:40am PST
boy is safe this morning after spending a week underground with a killer. >> 5-year-old ethan was held in a bunker. fbi agents managed to sneak a camera inside the hideout. it showed some disturbing images. abc's marcy gonzalez is covering all of it. good morning, marcy. >> reporter: good morning, rob and diana. the hostage situation in midland city, alabama is over. such good news for the family wanting to have their little boy home in time for his 6th birthday. the tense, seven-day-long standoff in midland city, alabama now over. the 5-year-old boy taken hostage nearly a week ago now safe. >> i have visited with ethan. he is doing fine. he is laughing, joking, playing, eating. the things that you would expect a normal 5 to 6-year-old young man to do. >> reporter: fbi agents stormed the underground bunker where the little boy, known only as ethan was being held. a law enforcement source tells abc news authorities were able to put a high-tech camera into the bunker to monitor the boy and his captor, 65-year-old jimmy lee dykes. >> mr. dykes was observed, was observed holding a gun. at
Feb 5, 2013 6:30pm EST
evening. today ethan's mother broke her silence. in a written statement she said i woke up this morning to the most beautiful sight, my sweet boy. i can't describe how incredible it is to hold him again. at the hospital today, there were no signs of the ordeal young ethan, seen here in earlier photos, has been through. >> he was running around the hospital room, putting sticky notes on everyone that was in there. eating a turkey sandwich. and watching strongbob. >> reporter: at the site of the standoff, federal bomb technicians are searching for possible explosives, as details emerge, we're learning the fbi operation to free ethan was calculated, meticulous, and daring. >> i thought that the fbi action yesterday was exemplary, and as i think more details are shared, you will understand why i use the word exemplary. >> reporter: we now know that five days into the standoff, while 65-year-old jimmy lee dykes held ethan hostage underground, police say their daily negotiations deteriorated. dykes appeared more unstable and yesterday started carrying a gun. negotiators knew that, police sour
Feb 4, 2013 11:00pm EST
conference. jim? >> reporter: here is what we learned tonight. first, foremost, little boy, ethan is in the hospital and is in very good condition. even laughing and joking with his family. tonight, authorities wouldn't go into detail about how that operation went down. but here's what we do know. police say negotiations were beginning to deteriorate between the suspect, jimmy lee dykes and authorities. police saw dykes with a gun. they felt ethan was in imminent danger. after 3:00 they decided to enter the underground bunker and rescue ethan. not clear how authorities stormed the bunker. witnesses say they heard two lou loud blasts. jimmy lee dykes was killed in the eration, we don't know by a blast, officer or if he killed himself. investigators praised ethan for being so brave. >> i have been off to the hospital. i have visited with ethan. he is doing fine. he is laughing, joking, playing, eating, and the things that you would expect a there manorral, 6-year-old young man to do. >> ethan is look frg waing forwo celebrating his birthday. tonight, president obama called director
Feb 5, 2013 7:00am EST
in and watching the suspect on camera. we'll talk to little ethan's family in moments. >>> when the lights went out. there were warnings the power could blow at the superdome during the big game. officials scrambling, now, to answer the growing outrage. >>> stunner in the breakup murder trial. jodi arias gives dramatic testimony for almost two hours about her broken childhood. why she killed her boyfriend in self-defense. her mother, watching it all from the front row. >>> absolutely fabulous. he's the overnight sensation with a 12-pack, made famous at the super bowl. the moment his mom saw him on screen during the big game. we meet the 21-year-old from new jersey behind these abs. he'll be here live. can you stomach this? >>> good morning, america. hello to robin. back home, now, from that glorious weekend down south. josh came back with her. welcome back, too. amy, sam, lara, we're all here. and talk about down in alabama. little ethan is safe. rescued by the fbi. he was having a great time last night. surrounded by his toys. >> it's been a harrowing week for little ethan. it all ended with t
Feb 4, 2013 4:00pm PST
. "outfront" tonight, breaking news on the alabama hostin crisis. it is now over. 5-year-old ethan, the little boy's name, he's at a hospital. we found that out a few seconds ago. he's with his family. there's heavy security there as well, and the big headline, he's safe. he was abducted from his school bus and held in an underground bunker for six days. we can also report that the kidnapper, 65-year-old jimmy lee dykes is dead. i want to get straight to martin savidge who is covering this story in midland city, alabama, about 100 miles south of montgomery. what more can you tell us about this little boy ethan and where he is and how he is tonight? >> we know he's surrounded by a very happy family. that would be his mother, his siblings, and extended family and we have been told that he is in good shape physically. of course, what's got to be determined is how is he doing mentally after this long ordeal. >> i know thatsd going to be a big question. there have been reports that the little boy may have had some sort of autism. that he really could have some psychological challenges to deal with.
Feb 3, 2013 4:00am PST
. through a ventilation pipe, dykes is allowing negotiators to send ethan potato chips, coloring books, toys and medicine. >> i'm wondering if he's crying for his momma because him and his momma are very close. >> reporter: cindy steiner lives right next door to the boy ethan who has been at the center of a hostage crisis. tuesday afternoon, police say dykes got on to a school bus and after demanding two children, he shot and killed driver charles poland and kidnapped ethan. >> ethan is a very loving little boy. he has lots of energy. he loves his momma. loves to be hugged. >> reporter: that's what you told me. he's a boy that loves to be hugged. >> he'll go up to anybody and ask them for a hug. >> reporter: she says ethan's mother is deaf stated and worried. >> because of ethan being autistic, he has behavioral problems and she don't want him to get in one of those moods where he's uncontrollable. she's scared that would happen. >> reporter: if ethan is able to watch this right now, what would you say to him directly? >> ethan, hang tough, little man. we love you. we are praying for you. >>
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 300 (some duplicates have been removed)